Annie Bercy

Annie Bercy is a Haitian-American Director and Editor who is part of an era-defining wave of concept-driven visual artists that combine visual ingenuity with socio-cultural commentary. Resetting perceptions of beauty,love and life, Bercy often taps into her own experience growing up in New York City, as well as the local underground music and fashion culture to narrate stories that are shaping the current zeitgeist in music, advertising and the arts.

Self-taught and motivated by curiosity, Bercy works across various types of media formats which has enabled her to create a uniquely diverse portfolio, not defined by a singular aesthetic, but by an energy and atmosphere. From lo-fi, vhs realism to the high-gloss fashion-forward films of the 90s, and from 1950s vignettes of African Americans and the old-world glamour of showgirl clips, she creates conceptual works that are simultaneously socially conscious and visually progressive.