SLMBR PRTY narrative films have been showcased at Academy accredited film festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival, Palm Springs Shorts, Florida, Nashville, Austin, Fantasia, Fantastic and more.


PIONEERS tells the story of two desperate pioneer women who escape together across the midwestern desert in 1848. In a twisted and gripping tale of survival, the duo shatters our expectations of the typical damsels in distress and delivers a story of physical and psychological survival. A haunting and mesmerizing tribute to the fierce femininity often forgotten in history, PIONEERS is a raw, visual journey rich with tender perseverance.


A woman discovers a recording of her parents' couples therapy session from 30 years earlier.

Wakey Wakey

Alex had a shitty night.

Unfinished Business

A male stripper has an usual experience on the job.

Mama Jane

An imminent death in the family puts a spotlight on the complex relationship of a free-spirited mother and her twenty-something daughter.